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The Rad FTP Applet

Our pure Java file transfer client with a graphical user interface weighs in at just 71 kilo bytes. This small file size results in almost instant download and start up. The applet is light in weight but not in features. It is multi threaded and capable of handling a large number of concurrent file transfers.

You can download the applet free of charge for use on non commercial websites. The license fee is just $249.00 for use on a commercial website. A full featured demonstration of the applet can be accessed by clicking on the screeshot below. An ISP license allows Internet Service Providers to install the product on more than one website and there by increase the value of their services.

For large organizations, the benefit of using an applet instead of a standalone client is that everyone at your organization can make use a single installation of the applet which in turn leads to substantial savings in license fees.

Online Demo

When you try out the online demo of the applet, it will ask for permission to access the local file system (this is a file transfer applet after all). Please grant the permission so that the applet can function properly.

You need to have Java run time version 1.4.2 or newer installed on your computer but there are no external dependencies.


The current version is 2.0 if you have an older version please contact us for a free upgrade


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